Integrated Management Systems

The main purpose of integrating management systems is the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes and industrial engineering. Additional goals are to achieve high satisfaction levels for employees and customers, as well as to ensure fulfilment of legal requirements for our business. ELBA is committed to improve the social and environmental aspects of Kremnica and actively contributes to the development of the Kremnica region.
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Safety at work of employees is our top priority

We reduce waste production

We protect the environment

We constantly optimize the use of materials, water and energy in our production procedures

ELBA, a.s. Kremnica has been building management systems since its registration in the Commercial Register in 1994. In that same year we have taken the decision to prepare, build and certify our internal quality management system according to ISO 9001. After a two year preparation period, the company upheld the management system and was awarded the ISO 9001 certification in 1995.

In the same period the company also began preparations for the implementation of an environmental certification in line with ISO 14 001, which was successfully acquired in the year 1999.

Furthermore, the company also has an established system for security management and health protection in the workplace, which was officially certified in the year 2016.

Integrated management system

By maintaining an integrated management system at ELBA, we contribute to the satisfaction of employees and customers, protection of the environment, as well as the safety and health of employees at work. This system isn’t just used internally but also for our suppliers.

The Company is committed to complying with all legal and other requirements concerning the safety and health hazards at work, as well as adhering to environmental protection principles in the production processes.

Ensuring the quality of work, keeping the documentation up to date that determines the quality of products and processes, protecting the environment as well as ensuring the safety and health at work is the responsibility of every worker in his / her post. The source of the company's progress is the continuous process of deepening each worker’s know-how and the development of successful inner-team collaborations.

When introducing new product segments or technologies, we analyze both the quality of production and the potential impact on the environment. Our focus lies on reducing the consumption of materials, energy, water as well as ensuring lower waste production. The continuous improvements to processes are aimed to reduce potential risks to our workers’ safety.

By monitoring and regularly analyzing the achieved results in terms of economic performance, quality levels, impact on the environment & health and safety conditions at work, we are continually looking for opportunities to improve the integrated management system.


Health and Safety Policy at Work

Ensuring the proper health and safety standards at the workplace is one of our management system’s top priorities, making it an integral part of the daily business activities in a publicly traded company.

  • Increase and continually improve the level of health and safety management at work, in order to minimize potential health threats due to technical processes, taking into account the human factor and improving the working environment.
  • Create new processes to eliminate any potential or preventable harm for workers, on the basis of detected and discovered potential dangers or risks in the work environment.
  • Introduce new technological procedures and upgrade technical facilities in order to reduce the sources of harmful substances as much as possible.
  • Provide professional training, education and development in order to create awareness within the employees that leads to a safer work environment due to the use of proper and safe practices at work.
  • Create guidelines for effective collaborations with suppliers of goods or services, in order to ensure the fulfillment of legal guidelines and worker safety.
  • Increase the involvement of employees of the publicly traded company in the process of improving the state of health and safety, and thus create a positive image of the company in a competitive environment.
  • Achieving the health and safety goals at work is the responsibility of every single employee at the publicly traded company.
  • Regularly monitor and evaluate work environment factors. On the basis of discovered hazards, create working conditions that remove the potential for harm, danger or accidents for workers.
  • Increase the operational safety and focus on upholding the system for work safety when introducing new technologies and upgrading or fixing existing machinery. At the same time look for effective forms and ways for eliminating or reducing any factors that pose threats or dangers in the work environment.
  • Maintain the machinery, buildings, equipment of buildings, tools for communication and other facilities in a fully-functioning state and undertake regular maintenance and repairs for this purpose.
  • Ensure regular health status assessment of employees based on health risk assessment and job categorization. Use health-hygiene measures to take care of employee health protection. Specifying special work regimes, providing protective beverages, and providing the option for appropriate and balanced nutrition to create optimal health and employee disposition levels.
  • Regularly inform employees about the harmful factors at the work environment and inform the surrounding population in case a real threat to the environment is discovered.
  • Achieve employee involvement in the implementation of health and safety policy objectives through their direct involvement and consultation.
  • Provide appropriate and adequate financial, personnel and time resources to implement the measures outlined in these conceptual plans.