Supplementary assortment

In addition to the standard products of the Overhead Line Fitting division, we also offer a complementary assortment, which serves the realization of networks, their installation as well as their maintenance. You can find the entire product assortment, clearly structured and divided with regards to their technical focus.
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Fittings of traction lines

Fittings for traction lines are also part of the overall fittings production portfolio at ELBA. They are divided into six basic categories according to their particular usages:

Fittings and hinges Fittings and fasteners
Tight fittings Fittings for power lines
Anchor fittings Different

You can find details of the individual traction line fittings in our product catalogue.

Insulated Overhead Line Fittings

Insulated outdoor lines virtually do not require any maintenance and represent an ecological solution because their use does not require removal of vegetation. Their realization is budget-friendly and fast. We will produce the additional fittings necessary for their construction for you.

Anchor fittings Support fittings
Connector fittings Mounting tools
Spare parts  

You can find details of the fittings for line insulation in our product catalogue.