Connector fittings

Connecting fittings are used to connect insulators, to maintain the required distance, to hinge joints between individual cells in a multiple isolation hinge, to secure the insulation hinges to masts or to other supporting or anchoring structures.
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Connector fittings

The connecting fittings must be dimensioned for the mechanical load caused by tensioning and the weight of the wires and other elements of the external power line during normal operation, as well as additional loads due to wind, snow or icing. They have to withstand the greatest power guaranteed by the manufacturer, which must not break the fitting. This value is listed in the catalog as load capacity.

Fittings must be designed to withstand electrical loads. The value of the nominal short current Ith in one second is based on a short-time current density of 70 A / mm² at an initial temperature of 30 ° C and a maximum temperature of about 400 ° C under a load of 1 kN to the operating load.

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