Fittings for CGR

Combined grounding ropes (CGR) are an important part of power lines.

Fittings for CGR

Grounding ropes are located at the top of the masts that interconnect. Their main task is to protect other conductors from lightning strikes, while also fulfilling the communication task - data transmission. CGRs are the conductors connected to the mast, directly, respectively via the discharge gap. The combined grounding rope consists of an alpha grounding rope and optical fibers.

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ELBA, a.s. supplies all the components necessary for the correct attachment of the CGR to the mast. The used hangings are divided into load-bearing and anchoring:

Support hinges

A carrier clamp is used in carrier hinges, designed to protect the wire. The spirals on which the clamp is mounted prevent the compression, corrosion and corona discharge damage on the conductor. A neoprene liner is used in the clamp to minimize stresses at clamping points. The support spiral clamp has a damping effect that improves the conductor's behavior in the event of winding vibrations.

Anchor hinges

The main task of the anchor hinge is to fasten the CGR to the masts. The protective spiral used to protect the optical cable is the anchor spiral. In the case of KZL conductors, the direction of winding of the protective coil is opposite to the direction of winding of the outer layer of the conductor and the direction of winding of the anchor coil is the same as the winding of the outer layer of the conductor. The area of ​​the anchor loop must be protected by a suitable anchoring eye.

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