Protective fittings

Protective fittings are designed to balance the electrical potential along the insulating hinge, to create a jump distance in the insulation hinge, to ensure the discharge in the air in case of overpressure, and also to protect the insulators and wires near the insulation hinges from the impact of the arches after breaking the insulating distance.
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Protective fittings

Fittings must withstand the thermal and dynamic effects of the prescribed short-circuit current. They can be sinched and reduced using arc welding but must avoid serious damage to the insulators and connector fittings.

For fittings, the nominal short-time current Ith is given for one second, starting from a short-run current density of 80 A / mm² at an initial temperature of 30 ° C and at a maximum temperature of about 400 ° C. Furthermore, the nominal voltage of the Un network in which the valve can be used is given.

The requirements for the efficiency of the protective fittings in terms of current and duration of the electric arc short-circuit need to be agreed on in advance.

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